Sunday, January 1, 2012

Slave to the World

My newest desire is to be shackled to the earth's core and mindlessly walk on this earth. I wish to have no emotions towards the opposite that skews my vision. I wish to have no feelings, no anger towards so many things of this world that are only corrupting us all. I wish to just lay, nothing, become an expert, even a master at the art of nothingness. Nothingness. Doomsday.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

My love song.....

This song here is what I plan on having sex to. That's about it enjoy.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ha school...

My first day of school was just like eh I wasn't really there and I have a best friend with my new nigga, I rekindled some old friendships and ah man I am just so excited for this year its just gonna be so bitchin'..... My classes are just so like easy haha my day is just a huge blow off. Twin Sister won't get out of my head just so psychedelic.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hey I like what Infamous Priest is saying!

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Ha adding some Indie to the mix.

Now I know not everyone is a fan of House and Dubstep but whoa whoa Infamous Priest is a man who loves many different types of music I think now I will start to add a little Indie music in the mix and also any other types of music that I feel like putting. But I want to start it off right with something that will blow your mind, Twin Sister is a World Indie Funk band and I am starting you off with a song called Galaxy Plateau... So sit put some headphones in and think, just think about your life and let the music grow inside of you.

Adding songs for the fun of it.

Here is another chill song, I like it ha its Reach You- Engine Earz Expirement. Enjoy! Ha but I am becoming almost obsessed with trying to give you guys new songs so I am posting songs whenever I fucking want to! Haha my world my rules, Bitch.


My favorite skating company Enjoi has hilarious ads like this one. Go here for some funny ads comment and post your favorites.

When I feel great...

When you are in that state of mind, ha yea you understand, these songs are pretty bitchin if I might say so my self. Its my first time to post 2 songs in one post but, Enjoy. Jamie xx- Far Nearer and Sunday Girl- Diplo vs. Sunday Girl - Four Floors. And Enjoi the picture, hahaha.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Last days of summer.............................................................................................

Dude I am here to fully and completely fucking vent to the entire world. Today fucking blows so so so so so bad its the last party day for summer, school starts in two days, all out of weed, haven't seen anyone but my annoying siblings for about a week, and I just am done man. Done with life I wish I could go back and just alter time and space because everything would be better. You may ask but Infamous Priest your a senior shouldn't you have your own car??? No it got pushed aside due to the fact that my little brother and sister had to much of their own shit going on. And I am so glad that I go to a school that's on the complete other side of fucking town hooray!!! So to express my feelings here is one of my favorite songs called The Recluse (Nero Remix) En"fucking"joy!

Dear Readers,

August 20th from 12-1:15 things just escalated from bad to worse ha. I am sorry and I apologize but all the songs I think are really cool (besides the porn step that is out there ha, I just know different people like different things.) But I have given you alot of songs for one day so tomorrow you can jam out, today is going to be crazy the parties will be crazy, people will be crazy, and I, as always, will be crazy. Day 'n' Night is a famous song but Crookers put there spin on it to make the song even better so with out further ado, Kid Cudi vs Crookers -Day 'n' Night.

This song is literally sex.

Like its literally sex haha the drop is an orgasm! The first time I heard this song I literally jizzed my pants...  Enjoy! I showed my cousin and it became his favorite song. Dodge & Fuski - Pornstep (Feat. Highbury Whores)
P.S Don't enjoy it to much... 
P.S.S If your parents are around turn this down ha , you have been warned.

This song is for Infamous Priest's Bitch

During my engaging conversation with my bitch, while talking about obesity, and while I was eating a bowl a cereal she said she really liked rap what a nigger.... So I said you know dat dere song by Drake called Forever dat dere remix wit Drake, Eminem, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne... So my nigga Nero mixed dis here song wit some of dat dubstep...... So here ya go!!!

For shits and giggles

Aw just forget it I can't help myself here is my favorite version of a super overplayed song that alot of you probably hate, Party Rock Anthem.... Whoa before you get pissed and say oh not this shit again sit back and enjoy the ride because when the drop comes you will literally shit your self haha!

Ha I throw the bird.

Ha forget my rules of one song a day I am feeling great right now jammin to some bad ass music and just this song I found thanks to my homie at but here you go this is a song by Na Palm-Two Days Straight [Soundpusher Club-Step Mix]. This song is so cool and so catchy enjoy.

Its midnight...

Its midnight which means its tomorrow I am so excited I am going to give you folks two songs in one day! I am pretty sure I will be up all night trying to find a new song for you guys but today's song goes to............(drum roll please)........ Cragga- Please Mr. Postman (Dubstep Refix). This here is a new spin on The Marvelettes hit song Please Mr. Postman. Listen to it enough and it will be stuck in your head forever ha. That's all for now folks, in the great words of Tigger himself, TTFN. "Ta Ta For Now".

Friday, August 19, 2011


Readers do not be misled, ha EMP does not stand for a burst of electromagnetic radiation called an electromagnetic pulse, nor does it stand for an eclipse modeling project, nor the German machine gun the Erma EMP-35, nor the biological pathway, Embden-Meyerhof pathway, nor the president guard in Mexico, Estado Mayor  Presidencial, nor the DC comic book character, Lord Emp, but no the EMP I am referring to is the one everyone wants, you dream about EMP, and whatever small things you have left of the EMP you hold on to it tightly or it will slip like sand through your fingers and be far where it was close before.

Your blogging DJ...

Now I feel like I am you guys guide to music ha your own blogging DJ. But check out it is my friends website of just all kinds of dubstep if that's what your into, check it out!

DJ Infamous Priest

Hey guys believe it or not Infamous Priest is a huge fan of music and I feel like I have been depriving my readers of some different kinds of music that I enjoy. Due to this realization I have decided to post a song a day, so for you folks who are already wasting their time reading this blog K.N *cough *cough can actually get some good music out of it. Today’s song is a remix of one of my favorite bands Local Natives and a rap group called Aristotle Pop A Bottle. Mixing the songs Wide Eyes and Eyes Wide Open they created Eyes Wide [Fools Gold Remix]. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


The Beastie Boys depicted how I feel...........
Wow this is a rather large topic but I am to lazy to talk about it.
P.S for you fat fucks out there who don't know the song M.E *cough cough.

Monday, August 15, 2011

I blame Wolfman Pat a.k.a Kiyo Wolf

Well hmm.... this is different speaking to a world that is unknown. A blog? What is the purpose of this so called blog? So that the world can see the views of a half white half black pothead high school senior who loves playing aqworlds and listening to dubstep??? Now who in their right mind would want to see this? Unless you aren't in your right mind like I am right now then sure go ahead waste the few meaningless minuets of your life wondering whether I need real help or not go ahead.... But you are going to miss those minuets while your lying in a hospital bed seeing this bright light with your family surrounding you clenching your hand for more time but it is to late you sat at your computer and actually took the time to read this expression of my views.... Don't you feel completely stupid? You should. Yea I am talking to you angry black man, and you tiny twelve year old Chinese genius who was beaten for getting a 98 on his math test, and to you Herbert the Pervert. Haha hmm been looking for the muscley armed paper boy... Anyways if you people wish to find solace in my chaotic blog be my guest. If you wish to suffer by reading my views of life then go ahead do it,but while your in the hospital don't message me about how you wasted time and want it back because all I wrote about was music, drugs, and AQWorlds  ok? Good now that we have got that settled I can talk about my first topic Kiyo Wolf a lonely warrior in the realm of Saffria slaying Red Dragons and an owner of a new blog on this website. He said to me "hey I started a blog you should read it and like comment on stuff!" and I was like that doesn't sound bad, actually that's pretty cool. So I was reading on his thoughts and his views and his feelings and his opinions and his post about our adventures in AQWorlds and all that jazz and I thought this is cool I wonder who else reads this besides me? So fast forward a few days I simply said why not put my views out there for some random creepy stalker person to read? and here I am sitting in my room with nothing to do, school starts in a week, and AQWorlds is not fulfilling my gaming needs very much so I am just about screwed and so are you, we all are.

P.S Wolfman this is for you.